September 20, 2017


The prince of ignorance is dancing around.
Attachment is my way of living.
My house is in disorder.
I have a clear notion of sin.

I am trembling.
Separation from false selves.
It is painful.
Releasing from the bondage.

From bitter searching of the heart,
Quickened with passion and with pain
We rise to play a greater part.
[Leonard Cohen]

In silence.
In the desert.
As it is.
Do not mingle.
A fire is burning.
Old patterns are offered.

No more boundaries.
A wonderful experience of seeing.
In the palm of my hand, seeing the Beloved.
The Birth of a New Man
Regenerated in Joy.

Through joy we become free and leave our exile. 
Joy is the world of freedom –
"for you shall go out with joy" (Isaiah 55:12).  
[Rabbi Nachman / Likutey Moharan II, 10]

~Nishmat Chayim

September 11, 2017

Look and dare

The melody of the grasses
The holy rhythm of vitality
Luminous spaciousness

Look and dare
The melody of everything
Just look and dare to go beyond

Nullified in Grace
Becoming a new man
'Solve et coagula'
Receiving power to give

Why am I deaf and blind?
Living in captivity
Breaking away from original unity
Always grasping
No spontaneity

Just pause here
A commitment to truth
Feel its presence
Cleaving to God

Have faith and join this Intimacy
Ineffable and clear

~Nishmat Chayim