July 17, 2017


Mara, the Beast
The Buddhist Devil
Seductive and fat
Hungry for self-affirmation

I am unfaithful
Hooked and entangled
Idols instead of icons

Wake up!
Be surprised
A breakthrough

It is easy
Christ is personally present
Founded as the Universal Man

In touch with a non-consuming Fire
Surrounded by an uncreated Light
Born in the middle of an eternal Rhythm

The power of resurrection
Buddha, roaring like a lion
Karmic patterns are sacrificed

Walking together with Mara
The profiler who supported me
My heart is full of compassion

~Nishmat Chayim

July 2, 2017

Conscious Vessel

Is there a way to face my fears and lift my broken heart to see the One who Is? What is really the value of existence? My soul is crying out.

The ultimate destiny is to be a Tree of Life, healing the brokenness through the power of the Spirit. Give me the strength to be this Conscious Vessel.

Wake up. Wake up.

I have to take my responsibility to a higher level.
Spiritual pregnancy needs a hermetic matrix.
No more leaking. I have to protect the Baby-Soul.

"Flee from sins as from the face of a serpent, for if thou comest near them, they will take hold of thee. The teeth thereof are the teeth of a lion, killing the souls of men."
[Ecclesiasticus, 12:2-3]

Nowhere to hold. Nowhere to stand.
I will drink from your milk and holy wine.
May the Angels take me to the other shore.

Light as a feather. My grasping is gone.
With a deep yearning, without identification,
I am in the Place where I was before I was born.

Burning with love, I can 'see'.
I am alive and eager to serve the Universal Flux of Being.

~Nishmat Chayim